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Purpose: The purpose of this plan is to establish guidelines and practices to prevent the spread of SARS COV-2 infection. The following strategies are currently implemented to keep our patients and staff safe. 


  1. Standard and Covid precautions as recommended by the CDC will be followed during all patient contact. 

  2. In addition to standard precautions, all staff will wear a properly fitted N95 mask and surgical mask during all patient contact. Shoe protectors will also be worn while in the patient’s home. 

  3. N95 FIT testing will be conducted annually and as needed for all staff with direct patient contact. 

  4. All equipment will be cleaned before and after use with an EPA-registered disinfectant. 

  5. Telemedicine visits will be utilized when appropriate. 

  6. Patients will be contacted prior to their visit to screen for covid symptoms, exposure, and travel. All patients with positive findings will be offered a telemedicine visit or be rescheduled. 

  7. All patients and loved ones present during the visit will be screened with an infrared thermometer for fever before the visit is started. If a fever is present, an in-person exam will not be conducted and the patient will be offered a telemedicine visit or be rescheduled. 

  8. Patients are asked to keep the number of individuals present to a minimum during home visits. 

  9. In the unlikely chance that a staff member is positive for SARS COV-2, all patients in contact with the affected staff member within a 2 week period will be contacted within 24 hours of receiving positive test results. Patients will be directed to a local testing center and monitored as needed. 

  10. Local SAR COV-2 activity will be monitored, with extra precautions implemented when necessary. 

  11. Patients can call the office at (860) 419-5925 at any time to speak directly with Dr. Maloney with any questions or concerns about SAR COV-2. 

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